Misaka Telecommunications


You have arrived at Misaka Telecommunications. This particular, non-publicised branch of LoliWorks is to provide and serve static and informational resources to general visitors. You normally will not see this this URL being directly linked – it works for you at places you do not see.

We are part of LoliWorks

Misaka Telecommunications is part of LoliWorks. This means the websites we are serving is strictly limited to the services and organisations affiliated to LoliWorks. For a list of eligible services, please see LoliWorks Services page. If you do not see website linking resources from a service listed, then they are bad actors.

We usually would use every effort available to prevent other websites generating non-essential traffics that costs us money and effect the experiences of our valued visitors, customers, and partners.

About your Privacy

We care deeply about your privacy, but Misaka Telecommunications only provide a pass-through service for our peers. Misaka Telecommunications do not collect, analyse, or use your personal data in any way, but the website you are visiting may do so as laid out by their privacy policy.


If you need to contact us about our services, or wish to report bad actors to us, feel free to contact us using methods below:

We encourage you to use the contact form at our parent organisation, LoliWorks. You can find the form here.

Alternatively, you may elect to send us an email: queries at misaka.tel . However, if you send spam emails (which we have received a lot recently), you would be listed on our blacklist.

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Last Updated: 11 October 2023 at 03:36.